Create binaural beats on the fly on the linux command line

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I was looking for a quick way to generate binaural beats on the fly from the Linux console.
The „play“ command from the sox package makes things pretty easy.

This is my little wrapper script for „play“:

# binaural - wrapper script to create binaural beats on the fly 

if (!$argv[1])
echo "Binaural beat generator\n";
echo "Usage: binaural basefreq offset length(s)\n\n";

$freq2 = $argv[1] + $argv[2];

$cmd = "play -n synth $argv[3] sin $argv[1] sin $freq2";
echo $cmd;
echo "\n\n”";

So for example if you want to generate a 5 minute binaural sound for the Schumann resonance (7.8HZ) with a base frequency of 120HZ, you would use:

binaural 120 7.8 300

A very comprehensive guide to the different frequencies can be found here:

I wrote a little online tool to create any frequency with or without binaural beats on the fly. It can be found here:

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